The Versatile Cotton Beach Towel

There is more than one reason why our Turkish Towels are known as the versatile cotton towels, they have so many uses that we still find new and innovative ways of using them!

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Turkish Bath Towels can be worn as tops, skirts, dresses, scarves or sarongs. Being stylish, absorbent and vibrant makes them the perfect all-around beach accessory.


Turkish towels are fast drying, absorbent and quite possibly the most striking bath towels to ever grace a bathroom. They have a long and colourful history dating back hundreds of years as bath towels used in the famous Turkish baths of the Ottoman Empire.


Never again will you have to try and dry yourself with that microfiber towel, our versatile cotton towels are the most absorbent, light, quick drying and stylish towels around, making them the ideal travel companion.


Our towels are made from 100% natural and breathable materials, making them perfect for wrapping up your special bundle of joy. Use them as a baby sling, wrap, blanket, change mat, pram cover or play mat. A Turkish towel is an essential item for any young family and makes a great gift for a new baby.


Drape it, throw it, hang it. Your Turkish towel will enhance any setting. From table cloth to wall hanging, bring your home to life with our stunning Turkish towels. Our towels also work great as a coffee table runner.


Have you ever felt like you are always one step behind everyone else when it comes to new and amazing sporting accessories? Well not this time, our Turkish towels can be used as a yoga mat, gym towel or sports towel. Light and absorbent, the perfect accompaniment to any sporting bag.