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Our Story

Sarosha is an Australian-owned, family run business founded in 2012 by Andrew, his partner Rosie, and his brother Beau.

We were inspired to set up Sarosha having discovered how lightweight and functional Turkish Towels are for travel, home and the outdoors.

Living in Byron Bay, on the NSW North Coast, we are surrounded by nature and our families spend a lot of time outdoors, especially the beach. This gave us a unique insight into the versatility of the product. We had confidence that the versatility of the towels would also appeal and be embraced by the local Australian market.

We developed a philosophy to provide soft, high quality Turkish towels at affordable prices. To do this, we travelled the globe to source the highest quality product we could find. Our journey led us to Istanbul, Turkey.

It was an amazing trip and an eye opening experience. Our Turkish suppliers used only the highest quality local cotton, engaged in sustainable practices and treated each step of the towel-making process with great care and respect.

About Sarosha Turkish Towels

The Process

Sarosha towels are semi hand loomed using traditional techniques, which ensure they are bespoke pieces. You will find variations in the product, but we believe that’s what makes our towels so unique – each piece is one of a kind.

Sarosha is proud to be at the forefront of the surge in popularity of Turkish Towels in Australia. In what is now a highly competitive market, we have established ourselves as a leading supplier in Australia and New Zealand.

Our team continue to work closely with our manufacturers in rural Turkey to ensure production of soft, highly absorbent, affordable Turkish towels and we remain focused on delivering exceptional sales support and service to our customers.

As we grow and expand into overseas markets, we hope to bring you more beautiful lifestyle, fashion and homeware products and look forward to bringing you pieces that are not only functional but treasured additions to your home.


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